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NY Giants' Victor Cruz Personally Helps Gay Teen Battling Locker Room Homophobia

Wow. The latest PSA from the USA Network's Characters Unite initiative hits us right in the FEELINGS. 

Victor Cruz, wide receiver for the New York Giants, volunteered for the project, and his incredible video has finally gone public. In Cruz's PSA, 19-year old Joey Kemmerling overcomes years of homophobia experienced in his high school's locker room with loving counsel from the NFL pro. 




I knew  high school football player (a friend's nephew) who came out, and his bravery was applauded. My guess is that the fact he was popular coupled with his ability made this possible. He also said public his story was not the typical story.

Joey's story is more likely the typical scenario and my take: he's average.His room is probably a  mess,he probably needed to be reminded to do his homework, he's probably embarrassed by his parents, and those who know him probably can't help but like him. He deserves better than he's received, but interestingly he'll be one of those who wlil make things better for others.

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