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NYC Mayor de Blasio Boycotts St. Patrick's Day Parade Over Its Anti-Gay Policy

In a bold move, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that he'll be boycotting this year's St. Patrick's Day Parade based on the parade organizers' refusal to allow pro-gay participation.

The Associated Press writes:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will not be marching in the nation's largest St. Patrick's Day parade, deciding to skip one of his city's signature celebrations because the event organizers refuse to let participants carry pro-gay signs.

De Blasio will become the first mayor in decades to sit out the traditional march along Fifth Avenue.

"I will be participating in a number of other events to honor the Irish heritage of this city," said de Blasio on Tuesday during an unrelated press conference at City Hall. "But I simply disagree with the organizers of that parade."

The parade, a tradition that predates the city itself, draws more than 1 million people each March 17 to line one of Manhattan's most famous thoroughfares to watch about 200,000 participants. It has long been a mandatory stop on the city's political trail, and will include marching bands, traditional Irish dancers and thousands of uniformed city workers.

Naturally we're sure this will snowball into people claiming that de Blasio is anti-Irish or anti-Irish Catholic. That clearly isn't the case and we applaud him for standing firm in his convictions and in his support for the LGBT community.


(H/T: Queerty)


google the drag queen, "Panti Bliss" and watch her speech about homophobia...its amazing


Well this is just quite simply wonderful news!

Wow, a politician that is standing up for what he believes.  Quick, someone start copying this man.

Is the Mayor choosing one group over another??  There are many good people in both groups, everyone can march you just can't march under a banner. I do not think straight people could march under a banner claiming they are straight. Sexuality has nothing to do with a parade. It's all about leprechauns and four leaf clovers, I would like to see the new Mayor march.

↵if ANY other organization is allowed to carry a banner of any kind, then it is pure bigotry to not let there be a gay presence under banners as well. if heterosexuals wanted to carry a banner about being straight, they could, and no one would stop them. Kathie G should put herself into someone elses shoes before speaking. 


i love when people say oh straight people don't have a parade......or in the st pattys parade that straights don't have a banner.....come on.....who are you fooling?.....straights kiss, hold hands in public......have PDAs....public displays of affection ALL the time....tell everyone my wife my boyfriend my mean this is the person i am with....that i love........and then everyone knows they are least in that case.....unless they are really bisexual or a closeted gay person trying to hide.....but really? come on.....all over the world....straight people hold together....get about their wives, husbands boyfriends and girlfriends......and then assholes tell gay people to not talk about their partners.....wives or husbands now that finally gay marriage is legal in some states.......come on.....please be honest if you're going to talk about something.....don't bullshit people like they were born yesterday! and you know exactly what i'm saying.......don't pretend like what i'm saying isn't the truth.........its real....its the real truth!



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