NYC Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner Dances To Jamaican Song That Promotes Killing Gays During Parade

(Image: Complex Magazine)

Another day, another Anthony Weiner scandal. 

As the only NYC mayoral candidate to have a float in today's West Indian America Parade in Brooklyn, New York, the disgraced politician knew he had to hire a dancehall DJ to get his message across. Unfortunately, the message the dancehall DJ was sharing doesn't exactly jibe with Anthony's campaign (or the feeling of the majority of New Yorkers, for that matter). 

Though you can see Anthony having the time of his life and dancehalling his ass off in the video below, there's every reason to speculate that he wasn't paying attention to the lyrics blaring from his campaign float. 

Thankfully, Complex is here to decipher for him and us:

It's not Weiner calling out to people in a bad accent and dancing that's absurd so much as the soundtrack—dancehall artist Capleton's "Bumbo Red."

A sampling lyrics of "Bubo Red":

"Lick a shot inna a battyman head! 
Lick a shot inna a lesbian head! 
All sodomite dem fi dead, 
All lesbian dem fi dead."

In the event you didn't know or can't tell, "battyman" is a derogatory slang term for homosexuals. And one of Weiner's opponents, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn—who was in the parade, atop the float of Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz—is very publicly and proudly gay. 

Again, there's no reason to assume Anthony had any idea what he was dancing to and promoting on his float during the parade. But still, c'mon, man. 

Should the Weiner campaign be held responsible for playing a song that calls for the murder of the LGBT?