NYC Pride Announces 2014 Theme: "We Have Won When We're All One"

Though marriage equality has been achieved in New York, there is still much work to do for the national as well as international LGBT communities. The theme for NYC Pride 2014 takes a broader perspective, as just announced this week. 

From the press release:

“We have won when we’re one.” Additionally, NYC Pride released official theme artwork and brand elements for the coming year’s celebrations. The 2014 theme is a reminder that inequality still exists both at home and abroad. Our work is unfinished until all members of the LGBT community, in all parts of the world, can enjoy the freedoms and protections they rightfully deserve. Bearing this theme in mind, NYC Pride will host its annual calendar of events in June, commemorating the 45th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. 
"In 2013, we saw monumental change with the downfall of the Defense of Marriage Act, but that should not deter us from fighting for total marriage equality. In a country that is supposed to be united, we continue to live in the 'Fractured States of America.' We have not won until we're one, both at home and across the globe," said Chris Frederick, Managing Director.

“As we celebrate our victories, it’s important to remember that equality is still missing for many members of the LGBT community. We need only look to other countries or across state lines to see the disparity that continues to exist,” said Tish Flynn, Media Director.