NYC Queen Gets Into Full Drag In Times Square; Tourists React

NYC drag queen superstar Monét X Change recently conducted a sociological experiment in the middle of Times Square. How would tourists from around the world treat Monét if the performer transformed into full drag in the middle of the day, in plain site? 

As Monet got into drag (while filming the whole thing) an unlikely stranger visiting from Oklahoma joined her, intrigued by the process. 

"I set out on this project, with no expectations…and it was honestly one of the most organically beautiful things to ever happen to me,” Monét said. “With racial tension at a boiling point in this country, this beautiful white woman comes over with eyes of love, and a heart of compassion…to just ’make a friend,’ and now we are bonded for life.”

Watch as Monét and Jeannine Glover strike up a friendship as the drag queen transforms:

(Via NewNowNext)