NYC Voter Tells Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner That She Won't Vote For "The Dyke"

An elderly voter approached by front-running NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner told the politician that she will not be voting for Christine Quinn, Weiner's openly-gay competition for the seat. Except that the voter could not remember Quinn's name and instead referred to her as "the dyke." 

The slur was nearly as shocking as Weiner's delayed response to it, which, according to reports, didn't arrive until those surrounding the two became physically uncomfortable by the remark. 

The Washington Post has more:

“You a registered Democrat?” he asked an elderly woman wheeling a shopping cart by him. “I am,” she said. “And I’m not voting for uh, what’s her name? The dyke.”

“Okay. I just need you to sign the petition to get me on the ballot,” said Weiner, who then noticed the incredulous reaction of a reporter and added, “and you really shouldn’t talk that way about people.” “Oh, I’m sorry,” the woman said. “It’s okay,” Weiner responded. “It’s not your fault.”

Victory Fund's Chuck Wolfe is unsurprisingly unamused with Weiner's handling of the situation. 

"No, Anthony, it’s not okay. If he can’t stand up to these repugnant views as a candidate, he certainly won’t do it as mayor," says Wolfe. "LGBT New Yorkers should demand that Weiner categorically reject these views no matter what audience he’s in front of, especially when people use slurs to refer to the only openly gay candidate in the race.”

What do you think about how Weiner handled the situation? 



I am appalled at Weiner's handling of this situation, but should we be surprised a “man” like Weiner would handle it this way?  We should probably just let his actions slide and vote him into Gracie Mansion.  That will help the city get better right?  Uh, NO! He should have been a little more forward about the inappropriateness of the situation and the derogatory term.  I understand there are people from different backgrounds and of different age ranges that aren’t going to change easily or at all.  Trust me, I know…A. I’m a gay man from Ohio and…B. my dad is almost 80 years old.  I suppose I should I have let it slide when my dad, in 2008 said, “I don’t think this is racist, but Jon, I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for a black man.”  I informed him that, actually Dad, that is the definition of racism.  Had the woman used the “N” word to describe Bill Thompson as the candidate she wasn’t going to vote for, the entire country would be in an uproar right now!  What makes is so different about the lesbian equal to the “N” word?  Nothing I say.

(Note: my dad did vote for Obama in 2012, so apparently older people do change and do listen when we give them some tough love and education.)

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