Nyle DiMarco And Pietro Boselli Met, And We Might Pass Out!

We may faint!

Two of the sexiest guys around, Nyle DiMarco and Pietro Boselli recently met up in London for a workout and to discuss a collaboration.

Nyle writes: 

"IN LONDON with @pietroboselli!! Great meeting you!

And... Keep an eye out for a collab video!  Hint: he's pretty good in Sign language"


Meanwhile, Pietro shared a photo in which he and Nyle can be scene working up a sweat!

The math teacher-turned-model writes:

"@nyledimarco is in London so I took him sightseeing: Around the gym of course  Great meeting you buddy, you're great carry on the way you are."

"Double trouble," commented one fan.

Coincidentally, Nyle recently revealed what he looks for in his ideal guy.

Think Pietro fits the bill?

We'd certainly love to see these two hang out a whole lot more!