Nyle DiMarco Has a Hot Twin Brother Named Nico and We Can't Deal!

Nyle DiMarco has been making us swoon for years, ever since he first appeared on America's Next Top Model in 2015.

He has become not only a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry (as well as in acting), but also a major advocate for the deaf community in the process.  Oh, and it just occurred to us that he has an equally cute twin brother named Nico that needs to be discussed!

Nico is also deaf and has a much different look than his brother Nyle.  For one, Nico is a redhead who is giving us major Prince Harry vibes.  He is also in the entertainment industry as a professional DJ, who has a penchant for early 2000's hip-hop as seen on his Soundcloud account.

He also tried to teach Nyle to dance when they were younger, to no avail.  Looks like things changed for Nyle in his older years, as he was the winner of Dancing With The Stars back in 2016.

“My twin brother is deaf like me, but he has a DJ business and loves hip-hop,” he told PEOPLE. “So he dances quite a bit. He tried to teach me to dance when I was growing up, but I never took him up on it. I always said, ‘No. I’m going to go play sports’ or something.”

As if we didn't have enough to ogle over with Nyle, now we got this guy.  Not. A. Problem.