Nyle DiMarco Sadly Confesses He Doesn't Eat Hot Dogs

My heart is breaking as I write this, as this might be the saddest story I have ever penned.  Heartthrob Nyle DiMarco made a super painful confession yesterday... he doesn't like big, thick and juicy hot dogs!


Yes, this might be a silly story, but it is pretty funny once you get the back story.  Nyle shared a photo of him hugging a big Christmas tree, yet many people looked like he was hugging a ton of hot dogs.  Then, like social media does, Twitter went in and altered the photos to not only have him hugging a variety of hot dogs, but at one point he himself turned into a big hot dog hugging a Christmas tree.  Ahhhh social media.

He finished his IG story up saying he doesn't like hot dogs as they aren't good for you.  We are only hoping he is referring to the kind that you put ketchup and mustard on, as the other "kind" have been pretty great for many of us.