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Obama Delivers Surprise Video Welcome At Gay Games Opening Ceremony

We love our President! 

President Barack Obama made a special video appearance to help open the Gay Games 9 in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday night!

The Gay Games bring together thousands of LGBT athletes and supporters from all over the world. Check out his speech!

In an excerpt Obama says:

"Even since 2006, when the Games were last held in the United States, in my hometown of Chicago, we've come a long way in our commitment to the equal rights of LGBT people here and around the world...I know some of you have come from places where it requires courage, even defiance, to come out - sometimes at great personal risk. You should know that the United States stands with you and for your human rights, just as our athletes stand with you in these Games."

Thanks for your continued support, Mr. President!! 


(H/T: Towleroad)


why do we have to have a special gay games , as if being gay is a handicap of somekind ??

Why can't gay people if they are athletic simply be gay and participate in the regular Olypics ?? makes no sense ..

And NO , i am not one who supports or likes this president , in fact i think he is the worse president we have ever seen in out country .

It's just like a solidarity thing. Like Christian Camp, a girls' night out, or an all male poker night. Chill, guy.

Hahahahaha oh boy, well your opinion is just that, an opinion, and although I think and know you have the right to have an opinion, your statement about our president is ridiculous.  Who would you have chosen to be our president and who do you think would have supported the LGBT community more than Obama?  Besides Hillary, of course.  Please enlighten me Mr. "Worse president".  

Proud of the gay games participants, Ohio for hosting; and, proud of the President for his encouragement and support!

i understand him making the vid...yay for him, but i think it is hypocritical of him to talk about us making strides to be equal and respect everyone when he can't even get people to make equal marriage rights legal for everyone.  he had the opportunity it create a law for the entire country to declare equal marriage and couple benefit rights and blew it, then passed it on to the states to decide and that's why we keep hearing all of these idiotic and bigoted comments come out of the mouths of state politicians regarding my rights would should have already been afforded me as a human being.  i can't wait until he leaves office, he has no backbone and he is letting the republicans turn a once educated, compassionate, promising, upstanding member of society into a laughing stock and a wimp.  

Jayson, as a gay man I understand your frustration. However, President Obama's decision to not make a unilateral decision shows his respect for the Constitution, which affords each state their own sovereign rights. That being said... the history of our country is that the federal government refuses to step into a civil rights matter until such time as human beings are being killed or shown extreme violence towards them. So, while I can say that I share your frustration and that I understand how you feel. President Obama's leadership shines through by him being an example of the type of politician everyone should be. I respectfully disagree with your comment about him "not having a backbone" or "that he is a laughing stock and a wimp."  While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, one might wish to look at his record and compare it to his predecessor, and I believe you might see that he is much stronger, stood for much more of his beliefs and taken the heat for doing just that... instead of merely being a puppet on a string to his political party affiliation. Besides... after he leaves office, we don't know what kind of President we'll get then... me, personally... Well, I'm ready for Hillary!

That was really awesome.

Very touching. I grew up during a time when gay people wouldn't consider coming out, if they had an inkling of sanity. Now marriage is commonly available to all couples. A great advance, still much more to go.  

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