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Obama Responds: Will LGBT Students Receive Financial Aid If Cut Off By Parents?

President Obama spoke during a town hall session in Binghamton, New York and was asked whether his plan to make college more affordable would also include provisions to aid LGBT students that are cut off from financial support by their parents. 

The President responded, saying:

“I don’t suspect that we’ll have any special laws pertaining to young people who are cut off from support by their parents because their parents hadn’t gotten to the place I think they should be when it comes to loving and supporting their kids regardless of who they are.

“But we are going to make sure that all young people get the support they need so that if their parents aren’t willing to provide them support, and they’re functionally independent, that they’re able to still go to college and succeed."

Obama continued, stating that “the programs we have in place don’t discriminate and shouldn’t discriminate” against LGBT students. He also praised the evolution that's taken place regarding LGBT issues in recent years, citing the strike down of both 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Still he acknowledged that "that doesn’t mean that there aren't still going to be struggles internally."

What do you think of his response, Instincters? Do you think specific provisions for LGBT students should be in place?


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This is a huge issue.  So many college bound LGBT students get hijacked by their idiot parents who refuse to sign grant and loan applications, wrongly thinking that being gay is a choice.  It is past time to make a provision for these deserving people.

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