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Oh Pit Crew: RuPaul Enlists Pit Crew Hotties' Help

Learn from RuPaul, children: if you're going to misplace your cell phone, misplace it in the Pit Crew's changing room. Watch as she puts the RuPaul's Drag Race hotties to work in the latest webisode of "Oh Pit Crew"!



boo hoo C.D. not pictures for you

Your Pit Crew is OK but you leave out a very important part of the LGBT Community Ru.  The Bears, Otters, and Manly Men!  YES Scruff is full of diverse guys that are real men and yet they picked the gym rats and model types out all the hot guys on scruff.   Diversity folks, that is why we like scruff so much, there are loggers and farmers and bears and gym guys, and otters, and guys that just like manly men and you SCRUFF showed no diversity in your selection of the PIT CREW.  I was let down by the display and do not think it represents SCRUFF in a good light. The Pit Crew is more of a Grindr Crew sorry, I just have to be honest.  Don't get me wrong I would kick but about one of them out of my bed the others could stay!  Be be sensitive and bring awareness to our vast and diversified community just like Ru does.   

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