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Ohio Marriage Equality Advocates Aiming To Put Marriage On The Ballot In 2014

Ohio could be joining the ranks of midwestern states legalizing marriage equality as soon as 2014. (We're still hoping that other midwestern state, Illinois, manages to get its sh*t together before then.) 

According to The Associated Press

Organizers seeking to overturn the state’s ban on same-sex marriage say they’re aiming to put the issue before voters in 2014.

Leaders of the group FreedomOhio say they’ve decided not to try for this year’s ballot in order to continue discussing the idea with voters and raising resources for their campaign. They’ve also met with other organizations, including the Human Rights Campaign, to discuss the effort.

FreedomOhio wants to overturn the 2004 state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Supporters started collecting signatures last year to place their own constitutional amendment on the ballot.

The measure would not require churches and other religious institutions to perform or recognize a marriage.

The amendment banning gay marriage was supported by 62 percent of Ohio voters at the time.


We'll try to be patient Ohio! At least it sounds like the state's equality activists have a clear goal in mind. Let's hope it all goes as planned.