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Oklahoma College Student Pleads Guilty To Sexual Assault On Sleeping Male Students

An Oklahoma college student who's pled guilty to three counts of sexual assault against multiple sleeping male students has accepted a plea deal that will keep him from serving prison time. 

The Associated Press reports:

A former Oklahoma State University student accused of sexually assaulting male students as they slept pleaded guilty Friday to three counts of sexual battery and was sentenced to seven years' probation.

Nathan Michael Cochran, 22, entered the guilty pleas in an agreement with Payne County prosecutors nine months after he was accused of molesting or attempting to molest OSU students as they slept in their dormitory rooms. Prosecutors dismissed a fourth sexual battery count.

Associate District Judge Stephen R. Kistler suspended a seven-year prison sentence and placed Cochran on probation instead. Cochran faced up to 10 years in prison on each felony count and would have been required to serve 85 percent of the sentence before he would be eligible for parole.

As part of the plea agreement, Kistler ordered Cochran to complete a six-month inpatient substance-abuse and behavioral-treatment program in the Tulsa area. Cochran must also register as a sex offender.

Assistant District Attorney Lynn Hermanson told Kistler that the victims in the case had been provided details of the plea agreement and agreed with it.

Cochran faced Kistler and answered, "Yes, sir," when the judge asked him if he understood the nature of the charges and the consequences of his guilty pleas.

His defense attorney, Jay Husbands of Oklahoma City, described Cochran as "a bright young man" who wanted to get the case behind him.

"He's accepted responsibility, and he's moving forward with his life," Husbands said.


Considering the victims have apparently agreed to the terms of the plea agreement, does this sentencing seem appropriate, Instincters?

A six month treatment program and probation is a far cry from a seven year prison sentence--not to mention the 10 years per felony count that Cochran potentially faced. 

What's your take?


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how precious.

he now regrets what he did and so he can now go on his happy little way although the danger signs are already there that this is only the beginning of a very troublesome life cycle. keep watching the news. this troll has only begun.

I believe the sentence is fair considering all the party's agreed to it, that was very considerate on the victim's part and the fact that he has to register is fair for his first time getting caught. now considering our jail system doesn't need people like this in there if there is an alternative way to handle them then so be it at least he is going to get a real chance at rehabilitation and hopefully it will work for him but if it happened again he should simply go straight to jail.

At least it's money out if his pocket for this treatment program instead of another mouth for taxes to feed in prison. Anyway if the actual victims agreed with the terms what is anybody else to say about it

He'll still be on the sexual offenders registry for the rest of his life... there's no "getting this behind him" no matter what he does, unfortunately...

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