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Oklahoma's Most Notorious Homophobe Sally Kern Speaks Out About Recent Marriage Ruling

Tulsa's KOTV landed a huge scoop when Sally Kern, arguably one of the most vocal anti-gay bigots in the U.S., broke her silence on the recent dismantling of the Oklahoma's ban on marriage equality.

"Homosexuality is not a civil right," Sally tells KOTV. "It's a human wrong. Homosexuals are saying this is who we are. This is how we're born. You tell a lie long enough, people begin to believe it." 


Sally Kern. Another reason why I thank God for making me gay.

How can someone as ignorant and stupid as thIs person ever be elected to anything?

All I have to say to Sally Kern is this: bitch, please.

Your comment about, "running to the altar" is exactly why this is NOT something to be voted upon!! Take your religion out of civil rights!!!  This is no different than civil rights for inter-racial marriages.  Your law is unconstitutional.  

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