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Olympian Sasha Cohen Talks Russia & LGBT Rights In Reddit Interview

Two-time Olympic figure skater Sasha Cohen (we almost added a Baron in there!) participated in an Ask-Me-Anything interview on Reddit yesterday and got a question on the LGBT situation in Russia and its potential impact on the Olympics.

Reddit user, okiedokie17 asked:

Given skating's reputation with sexuality, what do you make of the situation going on in Russia right now with gay rights? How do you think the sport will respond given its popularity there?

To which Sasha responded:

I honestly think that social issues should really not be a part of the Games. People should have their rights to be who they want to be and love who they want to love.

The Olympics is about showing what you've done with your life, your dream as an athlete and sharing that with the World. The choices that are being made right now with the Sochi games are really sad and disrespectful to the athletes.

We're all athletes, there should be no one who has to hide who they are. It's kind of unfortunate that it's popped up now and I hope it gets resolved so all athletes regardless of sexual orientation feel welcomed at the Games.


What do you think of her response, Instincters?


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I agree.  Social issues should not be a part of the Games, but repressive regimes like Russia, Nazi Germany, and communist China have made it that way.  Is North Korea next?

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