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One Direction's Harry Styles Caught Watching TV Naked

Though he and his band are on break from their current world tour, Harry Styles should still not expect any modicum of privacy. The One Direction front-man enjoyed a recent boxing match with friends as well as his cousin Matt Selley, who decided to share the moment with the rest of the world via Instagram. Unfortunately for Harry (and fortunately for his fans), the global pop star happened to be watching the fight naked, you know, like most of us are when we're watching two men slug it out in the ring. 

We can certainly excuse Harry for getting really comfortable while watching TV, but we're not ready to forgive his one choice of accessory. A purple hair wrap, Harry? Way to ruin a good moment. 

The suggestive picture has already been removed from cousin Matt's Instagram. For shame. 

(h/t: The Mirror)



I hang out nude with both my Str8 & gay guy frnds.  It's NBD unless you have something to hide - we ALL have one - so who cares if our frnds or even strangers see it??  Americans are so prudish it's sickening lol

Eeeeww! Scrawny! He looks like a child! 

I don't know ANY dudes, gay or straight, that "hang out" together, naked.

Those guys look skanky to me. Bet that couch and recliners STINK! 

OMG, I just wanna see a Threesome here!

Straight guys in the UK do this all the time. It's a cultural difference between North America and the British. We're just too prudish here!

Im sorry, is it normal to be naked with your boyfriends ?

I think this whole thing is a set up. Straight guys don't get naked like that around each other.

take a pic of you naked a photo that your dick really seen in public

Srsly? You boys think he's attractive? 

HUNKY? What are you, 12 year old girls?

So what --- I bet most Men do..

Really ? You queens are gonna bitch about what he's wearing on his head?  When you have all that hot yummyness too look at?

I'd watch tv with him

He's famous.... And he can do anything 

Typical of us gays. We start by saying something nice and then have to leave it with a condescending remark about what he's wearing, up stairs and what he may not be wearing downstairs, and we wonder why there's hate in this world. Why can't it just be a candid shot of a hunky Pop star and leave it at that.

Do anyone really wan't to know this ? 

Naked or not ? Who cares really ?

So what ?? Its his choice he want to be naked so he is..... ;) :p

Who cares. He's sexy so leave Em be

Who gives a rat's you know what?

I call BS. He's wearing underwear. Nice try 

If You Look By His Hand In His Lap You Can See The Black Waist Band of his Underwear

That's a remote in his hand laying against his junk. You can see the top part in his fingers and bottom toward his waist.

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