One Direction's Liam Payne Teases Full Frontal Nude Snapchat Pic

One Direction's Liam Payne (or as 1Ders call him, "Liiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaammmmm!!") nearly exploded Snapchat's servers when he sent out what appeared to be a full frontal nude Snap. 

Unfortunately, the pixelation Liam added to the Snap only covered up underpants:

This is why Snapchat is frustrating. 

(h/t: Kenneth)


hes gross as phuck! keep them clothes on!

It was posted to his personal Instagram, not Snapchat. Followed up by the original one with him wearing a speedo. 

His contract would Sue the shot out of him I'm sure if he put a naked imagine out there on purpose. His music is aimed at kids 

however I'd like to see his schlong, my guess is he's average. 

Average or not I like to see just most men's dicks 

love to see them especially in nature pose 

Models and porn stars are nice to look at but it's not real I want to see real 

Could mean uncut small thanks...

By "uncut" you mean "in its natural state"/"intact"/"as nature intended".

Pixels = small wiener

lllllllll D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I'd be willing to take the Payne.

my imagination says he's got a tiny wee wee

I agree with you :)

I want to pound him !!!!

Use your imagination people! :-D 

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