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One Dude Strips For Another Dude On Survivor

Survivor is definitely known for being a game where paranoia can run rampant, but to have this level of insanity in only the first episode just shows how crazy this game can truly be.  Case in point?  One (hunky) castaway stripping themselves naked for another (hunky) castaway to prove a very big point.

Here's what happened.  This seasons cast is divided into three tribes- heroes, healers, and hustlers.  Honestly it is a great premise that seems to be working already as many of the people on each tribe show likability traits that I think will carry them far in this game (talking about you, bellhop Ryan on the Hustlers team).

If you don't like spoilers, don't read ahead, but honestly becomes the point of this article in the first place.  The heroes lose their first immunity challenge, which is sort of a shock given that they seem to be the most in shape of all three tribes (this is a good looking cast, mind you) but it came down to mental in the end and they couldn't figure out their puzzle in time.  That's where the craziness truly ensued.

On the heroes tribe, the original goal was to vote out one of the two older women, and four of them (Alan, Ashley, JP, Ben), were all on board to either get rid of Katrina or Chrissy (both who I love already).  Even when its a number as small as four, there can be paranoia if there is a fracture within the group.  Alan, who is a sexy ass former football player, is the king of this paranoia as he is convinced that Ashley and JP are working separately together and that one of them has an idol.

The night before they have to go to tribal council, they all get into an argument where Alan goes on and on about how JP or Ashley have an idol and it gets to the point where JP literally strips himself naked to prove a point that he doesn't.  This inspired the hashtag #idolstripsearch.  I'm not joking.

Not that I'm complaining, JP is super hot, but oh my god if this is what we are in store for this season, I can't wait to see then what will happen.  Here's the clip