One In Four People Say Gay Couples Should Be ‘Charged As Criminals,' Global Survey Finds

The fight for equality is far from over.

28.5% of respondents in a recent global survey say that people in same-sex relationships should be "charged as criminals."

The Ilga-Riwi global attitudes survey polled 100,000 people across 77 different countries, and found that the belief that people engaging in same-sex relationships should criminalized varied a great deal from region to region.

A staggering 45% of survey respondents from 15 African countries said that gay couples should be charged as criminals. Where in the Middle East, 36% of respondents said the same.

Over in North America, 19% of respondents from US and Canadian said gay couples should be charged as criminals. The same percentage of respondents echoed the sentiment in South America and western Europe. Meanwhile, in Australia and New Zealand, the number dropped to 15%.

As you can see by the statistics reported, even in countries where it is legal to marry a same-sex partner, there is a prevailing minority that believes that homosexual relationships should be criminalized.

Take the UK, where homosexuality has been legal for fifty years. And yet nevertheless, 17% of UK survey respondents said that "people who engage in romantic or sexual relationships with people of the same sex should be charged as criminals."

Aengus Carroll, survey researcher and co-author of the report, told the Guardian:

“It is worrying that these attitudes towards criminalisation hover around the 20% mark in many developed countries."

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