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One Million Moms' Is Outraged -- Outraged They Say! -- Over 'Noah'

The LGBT community doesn't have much to do with the Noah story or the new Noah film (because gays are an invention of modern society, remember?), but One Million Moms is still really pissed off about Darren Arronofsky's hit movie, Noah

Via the group's latest email to sheeple:

Leading Christians who are faithful to God's biblical account of the story of the flood are giving grave warnings regarding Hollywood's worldly offering of "Noah." Ken Ham writes an eye-opening forewarning that "there is barely a hint of biblical fidelity in this film. It is an unbiblical, pagan film from its start." You can read his entire opinion piece in Time magazine. AFA strongly urges Christians to reject Hollywood's "Noah" and seek truth instead of fiction for these reasons: 1) The Hollywood version is heretical doctrine. Even its producer, avowed atheist Darren Aronofsky, admits his movie is "the least biblical biblical film ever made." 2) Christians and non-Christians will be deceived. It distorts the godly character of Noah. (Noah gets the idea to build the ark from a magic potion, rather than from God.) 3) Noah" was designed to be entertainment, rather than an inspirational film. In short, it's just plain Hollywood.

OMM ends the email blast with a link to purchase their parent organization's "authentic" movie about Noah. JoeMyGod hilariously points out that their proselytizing flick is available completely free on YouTube. 


LOL... Whenever 1 Million Moms (AKA known as 64,000 bored housewives in Stepford with too much time on their hands) protest something ( AKA Ellen, Penneys, Macy*s for supporting Trans folks, Blue Skies over people who are not like them) I almost feel morally obligated to support the aforesaid offending group. When they protested Penneys for including families with gay parents in their ads, Mark & I rushed straight to Bangor Mall in our Ford 150 pickup to buy ties from the astounded 18 year old befreckled clerk who had not hereto realized his livelihood was in peril.  It is SO cool to combine social activism with shopping!!  So, going to watch a wet, sultry, macho Russell Crowe in a bit of Jewish Midrash (yes, written long before Jesus, therefore not Christian, tho no one protested the latest Jesus movie with Christ looking like he was born in Wisconsin, or Stepford, hmmmm).  Young Russell Crowe also played gay & showed off his tush in 'The Sum of Us' - kazing, more irritation points.  Also, Emma Watson is playing the mother of womankind/mankind after the flood, so stacking up extra irritation points for viewing the former child star of a series of films in which she portrayed a young witch.  Butter my popcorn Bangor Cinema, our Ford150 is on its way!!!!

Seriously I think there one million outraged moms would be less furious at every thing if the got laid one an a while. 


seriously! Why do we even give them any press coverage anymore? Just ignore them

Hahhahah lots of hypocrite!  Atleast i believed! 

How do they know so much about it, if they didn't go see it???? And if they saw it, shouldn't the rest of us have the right to make up our own minds about it????

Just like the bible, it's all fictional!!  C'mon people... why would anyone take art imitating art seriously!?  If fanatics just large buttered popcorn, large diet coke (both to share), and pretended that 'Noah' is really a cross between 'The Transformers' and 'Lord of the Rings'--everything would be hunky-dory!

Wait, so hollywood took a christian biblical event and turned it into an unreligious fiction with entertainment value, and Christians are pissed and call on us to reject it? In that case, how about we reject the Bible itself for all the fictions in there that have been taken from other religions?  Almost everything in the bible was taken from other religions. Jesus Christ? Already existed as Mythra's  in the old religion of persia, Zoroastrianism, several thousand years before the invention of christ. Zoroastrianism created the concept of God and Devil, Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil, as Ahura Masda. They have taken so much from paganism, and then branded paganism as heretic and evil. Probably because the open idealogy and respect for others in Paganism made it possible for Christianity to exist without conflict. It is a peaceful religion respecting nature and life yet it is heretic. On top of all the gays are evil BS they push on their kids and communities. I am so sick of Christianity, and Islam. This world, and your souls, will be better off without them. 

Maybe they should have called the movie Utnapishtim.  Basically it's the same story-- though maybe all the diehard Gilgamesh fans could be outraged when it made them unhappy?

The less attention paid to these attention whores, the better.

Considering these women's rants ALL OVER THE PLACE, this queer things they all need to get laid in the worst way.

One million mums should maybe pay more attention to their secretly cross dressing/drug taking/gay/mentality tormented/all of the above offspring.

eek ... the Spanish Inquisition is back !

Seriously who even gives a fuck what these hags have to say?  Just because they aren't getting any dick at home they have to spew their bile online?  They all could use a good fuck

Why in the hell would you tell other people what not to see?  Don't go and see it and shut the hell up!!  I'm so tired of these people.  Over it!!

Don't like it? Good then don't see it but don't tell everybody else they shouldn't. A group of obviously stupid, homophobic, Bible-thumping "moms" have no right to make orders.

The movie seems to be pissing off all the right people. 

They really need to get over themselves. If we know because he said it wasn't going to be a biblical movie why are you late to the party? If you knew why would you go see it?

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