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One on One With Personal Trainer & Social Influencer Daniel Shoneye

Let's call 'em as we see 'em ... Daniel Shoneye is one gorgeous man.  His flawless physique has earned him a huge following on social media that continues to grow just like his muscles do.  

The London-based personal trainer and social influencer has definitely given his fans something to be excited about, as he has also jumped onto the OnlyFans bandwagon where he can give them something a bit more personal than what you can show on Instagram and Twitter.  The brand he is developing, however, goes beyond the aesthetic as his fitness is something that he hopes to make profitable very soon.

In our exclusive with Daniel, he discusses how he got so popular so quickly, his coming out story, if he's dating anyone and what's next for this big ole stud of a guy.  Check it out. 

It's pretty hard not to notice just how incredibly fit you are. Has fitness always been a passion of yours? 

From a really young age before I started training people would comment on my aesthetics and I think that was my driving force. The passion came later on. I still remember my first gym induction. I know people think I am very lean, but my physique has grown immensely. People also assume that it’s my passion because of how hard I train. It was actually the opportunities I got from my physical condition that motivated me to keep enhancing it. The more my physique progressed so did the work opportunities. Working out distresses me and is part of my everyday life. I can’t function without training. 

At what point did you start to see your physique start to take form and develop into what it is today? 

When I became certified as a PT I started to do a lot of reading and research about fitness and nutrition. Knowledge is power. I train smart. I did all my reading and research about building muscle. The more I studied the more I implemented that into my own training.   

Do you find that the pressures to look good in the gay community influenced your fitness regiment, or was this something you were happy with doing solo? 

Yes and no. When it comes to work It does.  People hire you for shoots/promo work based on your physique in your portfolio and on your social media, so I always feel compelled to train harder so I bring the best physique in whatever I do. It’s also how I get a lot of repeat jobs - because they know I always train hard and will be ready for work. A lot of the pressure probably comes from myself because I get lots of DMs from people saying they are inspired to train from what I put out there so that drives me to want to be my best. 

Speaking of the gay community, what was your coming out experience like?

I was very shy and quiet. I still can be. I never had some huge declaration of my sexual orientation.  I pick my friends carefully. I also spend time with people I enjoy so they know things before I say it, so I never really had an ‘awkward’ coming out experience. It seems so long ago now. I haven’t faced much negativity personally. I’m just myself and people take from that what they want.  

How were you able to navigate the ins and outs of our community and develop a huge following for yourself in the process?

To be totally honest, I don’t think I have the personality of a ‘model’ per se or a social influencer. I’m just someone who had a love for training and realized there was a lot of opportunities for me to do things.  I just had to get over being shy and put myself out there. Doing promo work for apps like Grindr, Gaydar, Scruff, etc really threw me into the deep end and helped me find my confidence. My following seems to be a combination of putting in work to advertise myself and from people who just admire the work I put into my training… a lot of work.   

Are you currently dating anyone?  If you aren't, what kinds of guys turn you on the most?

I’m not dating anyone. Social media allows you to meet so many people. I’m taking my time getting to know guys and see where it goes. I’m attracted to a good sense of humor. I prefer someone to take the piss out of me than pay me a compliment! 

I see you have a very popular OnlyFans account that showcase you pretty much in the buff.  Are you eventually going to enter the adult industry, as this website is known for having major porn stars on it?

The content on my OnlyFans is much racier than I ever intended. I’m enjoying creating the content and the feedback I’m getting. I read all the messages I get and do my best to provide what they want so let’s see where that goes! That page will always be on fire that’s for sure….

What does the future hold for the Daniel Shoneye brand, and is it one that you are hopeful about?

Things are better than ever. Training has become my main passion and everything else seems to follow. Sometimes people seem to forget fitness is where I started so for me so i want to get my workout videos out there and a couple other projects I’ve been working on. There is so much to do and so little time. I just keep working hard and the opportunities keep coming. 

For more information on Daniel Shoneye, follow him on Twitter here, Instagram here, and check out his OnlyFans page here




Daniel is an amazing stud incredible I enjoyed reading is Bio. Phenomenal



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