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One on One With Super Hot GoGo Dancer Eddie Danger!


In a world of good looking men and the ever so popular GoGo dancers that surround us at gay bars, Eddie Danger truly stands out.  There is something about his looks and the way he carries himself that has separated him from the pack.

Eddie has made quite the name for himself not only in his area of Washington D.C., but also on huge shows like Hey Qween! with Johnny McGovern, where he most notably gave Katya the time of her life with a very NSFW lap dance (I would like the same treatment some day).  He now has close to 14,000 followers on his Instagram page, who keep coming back for his chiseled body, sexy smile and so much more.

There is much more to Eddie than someone who just dances.  I caught up with him last weekend at RuPaul's DragCon in New York City, where he discusses how he got into the world of being a GoGo boy, his tight bond with a RuPaul's Drag Race fan favorite, how he actually has done porn (we just didn't know about it) and hopeful goals for the future.  

What got you into the world of GoGo dancing?

It was a mixture of curiosity and a craving for the nightlife. I was so focused on my education in college that I never had that “authentic” college experience. No slut parties, no drinking, no togas. It began as a way for me to let myself alleviate my energy and get laid. It has always been therapeutic. It has never been all about the money. To most people, dancing naked in front of hundreds of people seems like a nightmare, for me, it’s the only place I feel comfortable.

More recently, I have realized that I am quite addicted to the nightlife, and sex, and seeing people happy living the best night of their lives. I prefer not to think too hard these days. Just have fun, use condoms, and pay your own rent.

Do you have a favorite moment from it over the past couple of years?

There have been several moments in the last few years that blow me away. My first trip to Los Angeles to dance on Hey Qween has got to be on the top of the list.  I had a really great threesome in a basement dungeon in New Jersey earlier this year.



What did I do to make @jonnymcgovernisyourdaddy so shook? Find out on @heyqweentv with @ho_kandy out now!

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How did you get the gig on Hey Qween!

I got in touch with their producers. Walter has always been a wonderful man. He invited me out and took a chance on me.

It probably would have been a one-off if it didn’t go down so well. I was their go-go boy for their first day filming for this most recent season of their show. Turns out that it was the episode with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova. Katya and I were a good match for an on-camera lap dance- ended up eating her out catching herpes. It was enchanting.

Has the thought of doing porn ever been considered over your career?

I have done plenty of scenes. I’ve probably done most genres of porn. I just never promoted it. I was never proud of the work I did. The “acting” aspect of porn always felt so unnatural for me. Also, I would always be paired up with scene partners that I was not particularly attracted to.

Although, my dick just got its first modelling gig. My boner was modelling for a project that I don’t think I can speak on yet. More elegant Art Deco than pornography. Hope all the attention doesn’t go straight to its head.

Who has been your favorite celebrity you've met through your work?

I have always been very close to RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Star, Tatianna, whom I would consider a celebrity. I met her on my first night working in Washington DC back in 2010 when I was a baby stripplet. Looking back at our photos together, I have aged significantly. She looks younger every day.

Each and every time I have been face to face with RuPaul, I have made an utter fool of myself. Whether that is tacky or not doesn’t matter. RuPaul is so god damn tall, he’s probably too tall to even see me kissing his feet. I’m 5’7”, you do the math. HA HA!

Anything exciting planned for the rest of 2017?

I am having ACL reconstruction surgery next month to repair one of my legs. I was being a little ambitious one night. I was also drunk. I threw myself into a split, someone spilled a drink. I twisted my knee. Aside from rehabilitation, the rest of 2017 will just be boners, blowjobs, and preparing my annual tax records.

What are your biggest hopes and dreams in your career?

I have been working on a book for the last seven years- Just, collecting stories from the industry. So, I’d like to find a digestible way to release that.

Recently, my life went from 0-100 in terms of content. I’ve been through some truly bizarre phases within the sex industry: living the BDSM lifestyle, gangbangs, porn, nude dancing, getting fingered for a dollar, being a part of a choreographed male strip show, begging for underwear sponsorships. I have got to say going to the AVN Porn Awards offered up a few hilarious stories, not to mention my stories with all these drag queens and strippers. My life in this business has been a mosh pit of stupidity, and I cannot wait to let everyone in on the joke.

Check out Eddie's Instagram and Twitter here.