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"Open," The Short Film Follow-Up To "Knowing," Gives A Peek At The Lives Of A Sexually-Active, Sero-Discordant Gay Couple

"Knowing," the sexy educational HIV awareness short from the Impulse Group, was one of our favorite viral videos of 2013. So, if you're anywhere near Vegas, you might want to place your money on follow-up short film "Open" making our Best Of list at the end of this year. 

According to the Impulse Group, the new video is "an artistic and educational follow up to last year’s piece called “Knowing”. The short further explores the nuance of a sexually active, sero-discordant couple during moments of decision, revelation, frustration and most of all love."

(Image and h/t: Accidental Bear)


As an individual training to be a clinical HIV pharmacist, there are a few details about this short film that irk me. One, you should never ever ever store your medication in your bathroom. The humidity/moisture alone can lead to deterioration of the medication. And if it's a medication that is saving your life, I wouldn't take the chance by storing it there. Two, the film makes it seem like the HIV positive character would only be on two pills. No, he wouldn't. The two medications depicted really are only one agent, because one (the Norvir) just boosts the Reyataz. He would be on Truvada, Epzicom, or Combivir in addition to the boosted Reyataz. That's assuming he was treatment-naive going into treatment, which it appears he was given his boosted-Reyataz dosing.

I´m frustrated by two things. The first is that I don´t really know what message is the short trying to tell. Yes, they used a condom, yes one of em was HIV+. So what? Is a normal situation in a gay western world with prevalence of 20%. Fact of life, get over it. The norm should be to use condom always. Anyway, the film leaves me puzzled. The second thing is the amount of prejudice and ignorance in the comments. So sad. Grow up. We are not in the early 90, people don´t die from AIDS anymore. People under treatment are practically non infectious to partners, and, if you use a condom, hey, you should be able to enjoy anything. Is repulsive that people want other people to stop having sex driven by their fears. Or having sex the way they think is moral. Hey, life is a risk, do whatever you want taking care of yourself and don´t judge the others!

Very well said dear!....@Rodrigo BRAVO

Interesting short film. I don't really know or understand what the intention of it is. The issue about sex with someone that is HIV+ is very individual and personal. If you don't care either way, that is your own personal decision. Is the sex and gratification from the experience of sleeping with someone, anyone, worth more to you than possibly catching the HIV virus? Do you trust that someone is being totally honest with you if they say they are negative? Do you even ask the question? Do you always insist on using protection? (Many men are naive and led by their physical desires.) It is an important question, and began in the 1980's when thousands of beautiful young people were dropping like flies from this virus. For myself, one night with anyone is not worth that risk. Doctors have always advised and recommended that everyone must ALWAYS use protection. Yet, many people still chance it. I have witnessed many friends die, and watched their bodies decay and become diseased skeletons that a hardly recognizable. It is horrific, demeaning, and extremely painful and depressing. No night with anyone is worth that risk, as far as I am concerned. But I am fairly strong willed, and many people are not. These men in the film were very attractive and subtle in their moves, but for me, I picture them as "wolves" ( or devils) in an attractive appearance and skin. There main concern is themselves and a night of sexual passion. There is also the fact that the HIV medication in the bathroom cabinet wasn't a serious sign and warning of serious trouble and deceit ahead. Is a night, or an hour of sex, that important to anyone that they would jeopardize their life for it? I personally do not think so, and would be out of there in a NY second. But, I won't judge others either. We all must live with our own decisions. But, I am hoping, that in this day and age, we all have more respect for ourselves and each other, to make the safe right decision. Just my opinion.

Because of the games all men wont stop playing with me, straight and gay, I do what ever the F#¢% I want ! If I want to be a slut, I WILL ! I know your a hypocritical liar, so don't even try to serve me tea ! The only reason I dont have two boyfriends at the same time, is because of A.I.D. s and I am so done with trusting anyone ! If it was not for A.I.D. s, then I would love to be in a 3-way relationship !
One night I can be a top, another night a bottom, one night I can be both, and one night, if I have a head ache, then they can please each other.

Nice dear!....

Ummmm, isn't there a tv show about a straight man with 4 wives, so why do they say gays are perverts ? Straight men are total hypocritical sluts !

Being in a 14 year relationship that we term 'open together' I appreciate this short. But I have concerns that what happens behind closed doors should remain that way. We're fighting a battle already to just be accepted as a norm, and have marriage equality, this hinders that and feeds the notion that we're all just sleeping around. We'll never be taken serious with things like this propegating this lifestyle.

I respect all peoples lives,loves and way of living but I really think this sends a poor message about our lives as gay people.Is this really the message we want to send out?

LOVE is Wonderful, gift from up there on the sky!...

Open relationships work for some people, not others. Myself, I will never understand why any loving couple would let others in their bed.  It's not a judgment, just my own inability to understand it.  People love in different ways, I guess.  It's just not something I could do in my own life.

I've never understood this and I never will. I've been with my wonderful partner for four glorious years and we simply never want anyone else in our lives in a romantic way. Why do you think the straight world doesn't take us seriously. This very thing is what holds up the move to marriage equality nation wide. Ugh! So frustrating. 

Being in a relationship like this myself, what an amazing short. LOVE truly conquers ALL! 

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