Openly Gay Olympian Blake Skjellerup Offers Russian President Vladimir Putin A Hug

Take it, Putin. Take it! 

Blake Skjellerup, our current cover heartthrob and New Zealand speed skating Olympic athlete, has given Vladimir Putin the opportunity of a lifetime: a hug with Blake!

Though he just missed qualifying for the Sochi Winter Games, Blake is still making sure that he's an out and proud message of hope for Russia's LGBT community. Utilizing a new Facebook app that allows folks around the world to create 59-second video messages for Putin, Blake offers up close intimate contact in a way that has us wishing we were one of the world's most powerful dictators, if even for a few fleeting moments. 

“It’s unfortunate that I won’t be in Sochi and have the chance to meet you and give you a great big hug,” Blake says. “It sounds like you need it. You sound very scared and I’m not a scary person.”