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Oprah Heading To Broadway In 'Night, Mother'?

Is Oprah preparing to hit the boards of Broadway??

The New York Times is reporting that Mama O is in talks to take on one of two lead roles in the Pulitzer Prize winning play, Night, Mother. She'd star opposite five-time Tony winner Audra McDonald.

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Oprah and Audra?? Say no more. We're sold. 

The play centers around a mother trying to stop her daughter from  killing herself--so this will be weighty material for both actresses.  NYT reports that Winfrey and McDonald read the play together last year in the home of producer Scott Sanders, who will be heading up the project and both actresses were pleased with the results. 

Sanders won't confirm that Night, Mother is the play Oprah will star in, but says:

“Oprah has had a longstanding desire to act on Broadway,” Mr. Sanders said. “She understands how unique and challenging performing live on stage will be as an actress. She and I have been looking at a number of plays and roles in order to find material and a character that truly resonate with her. We’ve recently read something that we’re both excited about but are not yet ready to officially announce the specifics.”

If things go as the parties involved hope, plan to see Oprah on Broadway during the 2015-2016 season in Night, Mother directed by Tony winner George C. Wolfe.

What do you think, Instincters? Excited to see Oprah on stage??



YES, YES, YES!  I hope this happens!  Would LOVE to see Oprah and Audra together on stage!

Good For Her ! She Wants To Do This Why Not Go Ahead See What It Is Like To Play On Broadway In Live Performances Every Night And Sometimes Two Shows Sunday and Maybe Wednesday?

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