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'Orange Is The New Black' Cutie Matt McGorry Strips Down (Repeatedly) For 'Magic Mike 2' Audition

​We love him on Orange Is The New Black, but is appears that  series star Matt McGorry wants to make the jump to feature films--most notably in the Magic Mike sequel, Magic Mike XXL.

McGorry seems committed to showing the casting director that he has exactly what it takes in this leaked audition (courtesy of College Humor, of course)!


We'd give him a part.


Lol! That's too cute!!

It's supposed to be funny. I think he's adorable and his dorkiness sexy. I also don't find excessively muscular bodies attractive either, he's just right for me. :P

Not very attractive or sexy, ugly pose and too hairless and milky looking

Apply cream to burned area hahaha

I don't think he was auditioning to be on your bucket list.


made me chuckle

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