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'Orange Is The New Black' Meets Disney In New Mash-Up Artwork!

If Orange is the new Black was an animated show from the Disney studios, then artist Maria Bayley has a good idea of what it would look like. Bayley entered a DesignCrowd contest based on the characters at Litchfield. Along with her impressive entry, Bayley wrote:

My female group that I have chosen are the Disney princesses (with a prince and a sea witch thrown in for good measure). I could not think of anyone further from the possibility of being locked in jail than this lot of under aged princesses.

Though Prince Eric is sans the stache, Elsa looks great as Piper, Ariel as Red and Mulan as Alex, just for starters. 

Bayley ended up winning the competition with her mash-up, which isn't surprising, because now we wanna watch this show, too!

(h/t: Popsugar)


Ummm... to the people commenting. Eric's pic says "hide your stache" meaning he is PornStache. Elsa is Piper and Mulan is Alex. It is all kind of right there and it says it.


He's NOT missing the mustache...he's supposed to be "Bennett" who doesn't have a mustache. Do the writers of this even eat OITNB?

And Elsa Isn't Alex, Mulan is! Whoever wrote this article needs to do more research! Ugh.

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