Oregon Transgender Man & Husband Announce Their Pregnancy

A Portland, Oregan transgender man Trystan Reese and his husband Biff Chaplow have publicly announced their pregnancy!

From The Daily Mail:

Trystan Reese, 34, and Biff Chaplow, from Portland, have revealed that they will be welcoming a child this summer after experiencing a heart-breaking miscarriage at six weeks in 2016, when trans-dad Trystan became pregnant for the first time.

The married couple, who are already parents to two children they adopted in 2015, announced the news on WNYC podcast, the Longest Shortest Time, with Trystan baring all about his journey as a pregnant dad. 

After the miscarriage, Trystan initially wanted to wait for a year before they had another go at conceiving, but given the complications of restarting and then going off testosterone again led to the dads trying again right away. 

It took longer the second time for the couple to conceive, and they even became worried that they had missed their 'only chance.' But then, six months into trying, Trystan woke up feeling sick. After Biff took the kids to school, Trystan took a pregnancy test and discovered the good news.

Congrats, guys!!!




You know, I often wondered about this type of situation:  whether or not a trans-man who is gay would want to physically carry a child.  I've been too afraid to ask the question for fear of being accused of transphobia/insensitivity/or having a "colonized" mind by online SJW's.  It's interesting to see that this has actually happened.  I send my prayers and good wishes to the expectant dads!

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