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Out Former 'Full House' & 'Little Rascals' Star Is Now A Hot Go-Go Boy

It's a rare instance when someone you crushed on as a kid is still the object of one's affection when you're all grown up. Such is the case with Blake McIver, who played Michelle Tanner's friend Derek on Full House and Waldo in 1994's Little Rascals, who came out of as gay in 2010. Though he's found success as a vocal trainer and with TV gigs here and there, Blake has recently supplemented his income by go-go dancing at West Hollywood's Micky's gay bar. 

“I’m not embarrassed,” McIver told RumorFix about becoming a go-go boy. “In the process, I found it so liberating and empowering.”

“I had so much shame about my body," he added. "This was a way to express myself that was safe, sensual and fun ... I’m not hiding who I am anymore -– not pretending I’m something I’m not.”

If you aren't in proximity of West Hollywood and unable to see Blake live and in the (plenty of) flesh, check out his Instagram where he regularly keeps fans in the loop. 



He's also on some crappy Bravo show, though aren't they all?


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