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Out Gay Football Player Alan Gendreau Covers Michael Buble's 'Home'

Out gay former college football player Alan Gendreau is serving up a sweet holiday cover of Michael Buble's "Home"!

The former Middle Tennessee State College kicker is still young enough to try out for the NFL draft, so we may be selfishly hoping that he sticks with it, but we certainly don't wouldn't mind him crooning to us by the fire over the holidays in the meantime! 

Give his cover a listen:

Yep. Wouldn't mind that. 

Image Source (H/T: NNN)


Wonderful.. Keep the faith young man you will go far.. Take it from an old man that has lived through it were gays were really mistreated bad.. you keep going in your life,, Your beautiful inside out..

Such a sweet, nostalgic song...and he does it justice.  Good job!

You can tell this is a voiced over video, as the mouthing of the words don't match the vocals. It certainly takes away from whole picture.  His voice is great, for sure.  

ALL videos are dubbed voice-overs.  It just means he's never going to be a drag queen!

2 Words: good Voice.....

i'd hit that. repeatedly.,,

Beautiful voice and sexy biceps!

Great cover! Amazing voice! Just the video editing is a bit smidge off, like a thousandth of a second, so the syncing is off. But man he's got talent, other than in the fields!

what a sweetie Indeed

Alan, You have an extraordinary voice. That's a God-given gift and one I hope that you will use to entertain people, make people happy or sad, and be a light to others. If you will come to my house in Chattanooga, I certainly make you feel at "home." Plus, I'd like for you to know that my church in St. Elmo has a large gay membership and we worship God just as a billion others do. We just have more Spirit than many do! Check out St. Elmo Community Church on the web. I'd like to know what you think. A new fan of yours, Bill in Chattanooga

Oh. My.

Just wanna say Thank you for being so sexy and very good voice. Hugs

That's DC where he used to live to very recently

This is a beautiful version of  beautiful song sung by a beautiful man.

I'm so gonna f**k him!!!!

Was that made in Boston?

Was that made in Boston?

He's really good!!

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