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OUTMusic Launches Kickstarter To Fund LGBT Music Documentary

A Kickstarter campaign has launched for what we think will be a really cool documentary centering around LGBT musicians and queer music culture!

The documentary, titled For Which WE Stand (One Queer Music Nation in the Visible), will be produced by Paul Warner and directed by gay filmmaker Sean Robinson.

Check out the film's Kickstarter campaign started by OUTMusic--the LGBTQ Academy of Recording Arts (LARA): 

Director Sean Robinson says, “I'm very excited to be directing this film, and with the success of this Kickstarter Campaign, we will produce a socially and politically pro-active feature-length documentary film, that will not only spotlight queer music culture, but will keep the torch of LARA burning, as the fight for equality moves forward into the next era.”

They're aiming to raise $200,000 by the end of September!

Let's help them out, shall we??


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A very interesting article I think there is still great value in commenting on blogs Indiegogo but as you mention you have to do it the right way.

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