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Outsports Denied Credentials to St. Lous Cardinal's Christian Day

Outsports was recently denied credentials to the St. Louis Cardinal’s Christian Day. Outsports, reporter, Erik Hall, requested credentials to the event. He was intrigued because the featured speaker was Lance Berkman, an anti-LGBT advocate.

Hall reports that this is the first time in 17 years Outsports had been denied media credentials. Outsports has covered the Super Bowl, Final Fours, MLB and MLS Games. This time, while not overtly stated, it seemed that Outsports would be denied official credentials to attend the event. Hall was instead encouraged to buy his own ticket and attend as a spectator.

The event was tame with two present players on the Cardinals, Matt Carpenter and Trevor Rosenthal, not even mentioning God, Christian, or Jesus. Instead they talked about how they had camaraderie on the team and fellow players to talk to when life was rough. The Cardinals Manager, Mike Matheny, did try to argue that Christians are an afflicted minority. And Lance Berkman, did not say anything about the LGBT community, but did advocate for obedience as Christians.

Hall was not there to start a fight, but without credentials he couldn’t ask anyone how they felt about Berkman’s previous comments and politics. He also couldn’t ask players if they knew anyone who was LGBT and how they worked in those relationships. It seemed the day was there so that the Christians on the team could say what they wanted in positive atmosphere.

Hall was able to talk to fans about the event.  While the fans who attended the event loved all the speakers, not all fans were on board with Berkman speaking. While the average person would not have an issue with the Cardinals having the Christian Day, it was more the speakers they decided to bring in. I’m all for allowing people to express themselves, but when someone who is openly discriminatory, it begs the question if it is worthwhile to have.

The Cardinals do have a Pride Night set for Aug. 25, but so far the only advertised item is a hat with a rainbow Cardinal logo. I guess we will have to wait and see if there are any speakers or players stepping up for the LGBT community.

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