Outsports Pride 2018 is Headed to The Big Apple in June!

June is a major pride month for several cities and states across the USA, one in particular being The Big Apple AKA New York City.  Outsports, which focuses on the issues and accomplishments of the LGBTQ community in amateur and professional sports, is hosting their third annual Pride celebration there June 21st-24th to coincide with NYC Pride.

Outsports has highlighted a ton of phenomenal athletes over the years, most recently openly gay football star Jake Bain who helped get the word out about his community rallying around him against a rally planned by the homophobic Westboro Baptist Church. 

The event brings together  LGBTQ athletes, coaches, sports executives, members of the media and fans for a weekend of the celebration of courage.  At the same time, they also welcome non-LGBTQ people in sports who want to learn more about the community and bring that back to their team, league or school.

They will be using the tagline "Courageous is Contagious", which is the driving force behind the big weekend in June.  Something Outsports is working on for the weekend is a fun night at a New York Mets game, as they are working with Erik Braverman and the Los Angeles Dodgers to make that happen.

You can find all the details about the exciting weekend here.  Registration is now open.  


h/t: outsports