Jonathan Higbee's picture Exec Wants To Protect Homophobic Religious Institutions From LGBT Executive Vice Chairman Jonathan Johnson thinks that anti-gay religious institutions and individuals are the true victims of the War on Gays, and has publicly stated that they should therefore be legally protected from the LGBT community. 

According to the Deseret News:

Jonathan Johnson, executive vice chairman of the online retailer and founder of the First Freedom PAC, said it's shocking to him that some people think churches don't need protection. He started the political action committee to combat what he sees as an assault on the First Amendment and to preserve the role of churches and religious associations in society.

"It makes me feel like if a same-gender couple goes to an orthodox Jewish rabbi and says, 'Marry us in your synagogue,' the 22 percent would say he has to say yes," he said.

"I'm surprised that anyone thinks that the government should force religions to do things," he said. "But because the religious liberties issue today is so tied to the same-sex marriage issue, I can see why it's a sore spot for people."

Johnson's comments draw an odd contrast to Overstock founder Patrick Byrne, who has been an outspoken advocate for marriage equality in Utah. 

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Overstock you have my business for life!! And so does Chick-Fil-A!! 

Actually, churches are free to refuse to marry anyone they don't approve of for any reason. Only the legal form of marriage is in question (a marriage license and marriage by public officials). Religious cults can choose to participate or not. So why the necessity to for a PAC? It's a way create a highly paid position for an executive which is then funded by contributions from right-wing dumbbells who are ignorant sheep in the first place. A few dollars go to a political cause, but what percentage of the take goes to administrative costs (executive salaries)? A LOT.

I wish I could protect this moron from himself, but I can't so I won't ever shop at Overstock.

I certainly can't support your business with this kind of an attitude

So the founder of Overstock is pro-gay marriage but his EVC is against it, going so far as to create his own PAC to fight it. Sounds like Mr. Byrne has some housecleaning to do.

Thank you for this information, I hope the his directors reads these comments because he just cost another customer...

Instinct you are doing a gross injustice to this guy. You obviously have not done your research. You have these guys thinking he is anti marriage equality. Your reporting really sucks.

Please tell us the rest of the story. Are you saying he does not want religion to be protected from not being able to discriminate and thinks they are being forced to perform marriages, which could never be constitutionally upheld? How can he be pro-equality and pro-discrimination at the same time? Oh yeah, the thought of incoming money makes you a hypocrite.

Thank you for the heads-up about!!! Sharing this for my Twitter followers.

He is the man of institution, and it is really good to know abou thim.

Sarah From:

Never shopped at Overstock & now never will.

Same here.

Ignorant trash from ignorant trash

That right already exists. It is called the first amendment. However, it is LGBT affirming houses of worship and religious leaders in some states who are not allowed to LEGALLY officiate the marriage of 2men or 2women if their religious beliefs approve (symbolic ceremonies clearly allowed but not recognized legally)  because of anti-gay trash who think they illegally have a say in other peoples lives. 

The ignorance comes in not reading the full story and understanding it. You're passing judgement on it based solely on this article. You have it all backwards. Restore Our Humanity is backing the challenge. Duh! He is contributing to it. He was supplying benefits to his employees and their same sex partners before it was even heard of. These witch hunts based on half written info are becoming ridiculous.

there can be no equality when there is legal protected bigotry and discrimination, so your point is mute.

No Greg. I beg to differ. Your point is mute when you jump on band Wagon and stone someone because you can't read and understand a full story. Take your witch hunt and thirst for blood somewhere else. I did READ and UNDERSTAND the full story. I don't look like the ass.

This article is si misleading. Where's the integrity in journalism anymore? Or since we are gaining rights that witch hunt mentality is becoming the new norm. Extremely disappointed Instinct. Shame on you!

As always, a one sided and slanted view of the issue, where no-one should dare to disagree with Gay lobbyists.

Unintentionally, this article would lead one to believe supports this position. In fact, the opposite is true. Below is an excerpt from the local news article related to this issue. It's unfortunate that Instinct was unable to cover both sides of the story. 

'Restore Our Humanity is backing the court challenge, which also now has support from Utah-based

Company founder Patrick Byrne said Thursday that Overstock will provide a "substantial" sum to help fund the lawsuit and will work to encourage additional financial support from others. Byrne said the state's stance on same-sex marriage is an impediment to economic development. Utah's reputation as a great place live and be an entrepreneur, he said, is marred by its role in the national debate on gay rights.'


There are still churches in some parts of the country that will not marry interracial couples. just lost any future business from me!

After integration between Blacks and Whites, were churches free to refuse to marry inter racial couples because it was against their religious beliefs?

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