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PA Bakery Owner Refuses To Make Cake For Same-Sex Couple

Jennifer and Bethany Petrich dreamed of a cake from popular Schuykill Haven, Pennsylvania bakery Cake Pros. to celebrate the renewal of their vows. Lorraine Fleming wasn't so excited, however, and decided to refuse to serve the couple after "talking to Jesus." reports:

Growing up in Schuylkill Haven, Jennifer and Bethany Petrich, said they were very familiar with the Cake Pros bakery. That's why when the two were planning a ceremony to renew their vows the bakery seemed like an obvious choice to supply the cake.

"My mom, who is planning our wedding, called and made the appointment for us," Jennifer said. "It was okay at that time and and she was open and honest and said it's for Bethany and Jennifer."

A call to Jennifer's mom, while Jennifer was in the hospital, changed their plans. 

"They had called and said to her they were a christian bakery and the owner talked to Jesus for two weeks," Jennifer said. "And that because it was two females getting married she couldn't bake our cake."

The Petrich's told Eyewitness News they were confused and frustrated.

"We asked her to make us a wedding cake and not marry us," Jennifer said. "I didn't understand."

"It's just very disappointing that there's still discrimination out there and it was just a cake," Bethany said.

"I'm sorry for the damage that has been done as far as hurt feelings," Fleming, who claims to have gay people in her family, said. 

"I'm not sorry for my decision and I feel strong," she added. "I know that I'm doing the right thing."

As Joe Jervis points out, Pennsylvania "is one of 29 states without statewide public accommodation protections for LGBT citizens." In other words, Cake Pros.' decision to discriminate against the couple is completely legal in PA. 


I noticed that 85 bad reviews on Yelp about this business have been deleted. WTF?

If I owned a bakery, I  wouldn't make a cake for the Westboro Baptist church or the KKK.

I'm in the health care field. I don't ask what their religious or political views are before I perform my service. I save their life because they're human beings. 

Ok, now we know Cake Pros have cons, how about we start buying from gay-friendly businesses?

Maybe Jesus wanted to teach her a lesson about Judgement. Have you read the reviews? Cake

Can't find the reviews on their site. Have they taken it down?

Cake pros   

Faith-based hate......pathetic!!




If you think gays and lesbians are evil because your "Jesus" said so that's why you despise them, well think again or probably read the Bible because the Jesus as depicted there was the one who literally held the hands of the sinners and never cursed them like the way you do who's not even worthy of judging your fellow sinners

How sad is she.

Trust, this bakery will THRIVE with conservative republicans money in support, as not everyone is into this whole NEW AGE gay thing.

If you gays have so much "expendable income" as you so brag about nonstop, then you should be able to open your own slew of bakeries nationwide!

This isn't a new age gay thing.  I guess you have no clue or learned history.  It's just time to stand up all the rights we are entitled to as human beings.  

Wow, listen to all that HATE in your voice.  People like you and this business owner are beyond IGNORANT.

A person talks to a "God" they are praying. When a "God" talks back they are suffering from schizophrenia.

Yes indeed...  I too wanna know just why it is that GOD & Jesus would WASTE Their time telling this HOMOPHOBIC BIGOT not to make a CAKE for this Couple ....  I HOPE She is RUN OUT of BUSINESS Quickly .....  Maybe she should Move to WESTBORO MA and Join them....     

my feeling is if you're going to own a business you better be open to serving everyone. You are out in the public and you can't pick and choose who you are going to serve.  end of story. 

I'm a gay man who isn't offended by this because it's her right as a business owner. With her stance, why would you want a cake made this uneducated woman? Go down to the Village and pick up the Gay Yellow Pages so that you can a gay friendly bakery.

In the written word that recorded what Christ considered socially relevant, not once does He speak of Homosexuality. Now Two Thousand years later, Christ speaks to her about cake. Why It's a miracle


Before my partner and I got married, we agreed to give our wedding business to the LGBT community...and all worked out better than we thought! Gays keeping it in the Gay Family....only way to go!

Gay people should start only using gay vendors when possible. Its well known we have more money. Let's see how quick they change when they don't have our biz.

I'm sure this bigot is high on the direct line to Jesus list. Please get off your judgmental high horse and admit that that's all you are Ms. Fleming, a bigot. Oh, and by the way. A real Christian wouldn't act like this. Just ask Jesus next time you "speak" to him. 

Maybe Jesus tasted the cake and did the lesbians a favor?

I'm sure there's a Muslim man somewhere that would feel compelled to deny Lorriane Fleming service because her head isn't covered.  Would that be acceptable?  It's a pretty simple choice--treat everyone with respect, or don't.  A civil society treats all with respect.

What a sad excuse for a human being this cake maker is. I thought that we are all Gods children

Jesus would only do kind things. Ms. Flaming is unkind. Therefore, she did not talk to Jesus

What's disturbing is that bigotry is alive and well, using religion as a crutch. We all know Jesus would say bake the cake. Smile and respect others for whom they are. Businesses like this deserve to be "out of business" real fast.

No we don't know Jesus would bake the cake,because in all likely hood he was a fictional character molded after other fictional characters in Pagan religions! Religion is the greatest threat to world peace and progress!

You are very wrong to refused to make a cake for the same marriage. You stupid and pathetic!! You are not the one right person.. you says I'm not sorry. That's bullshit.. you need to stop hating lifestyles. You must be respect to each other.

Homophobic pricks. Hope you have gay kids and then you will have to really talk to Jesus. Give them up for adoption, kick them out if your house or and lives. That sounds like something Jesus would say. 

Jerks. Homophobes. Hope they go broke. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. 

im sure you do everything because of how Jesus tells you to when you talk to him. Tape record one of those conversations. Would love to hear the answered you hear? 

Just another excuse to discriminate and show your own hatred. We are all people and humans, well, except you bakery owners, your just a holes

She "talked to Jesus." Like she has him on speed dial or something.

I wonder if she's made cakes for couples who have more than once marriage or for whom the bride isn't a virgin on her wedding day. 

She needs to interview everyone ordering a cake to be sure that they are absolutely perfect , like she is. Not divorced, have a child out of wedlock, didn't have sex before marriage, eat shellfish or wear clothes of a different cloth, etc. Certainly they should be denied her services according to her Jesus.

If your going to do business in the public sector then you should have to serve all. The business sector should be neutral BY LAW. And if a religion is going to discriminate. do business in the public sector or stick their noses in politics then they should have to give up their tax exempt status.

I hope her religious give her all money that she needs....

Why would you want cake from people who are biased against you and bigoted? Who knows what such people would do to your food? This is another case of humans using religion to degrade people they do not like. First it starts with a cake, and soon you find yourself stranded on a mountain with no food or water and being slaughtered because someone's religion tells them they are justified in doing that you. Just like Ms. Fleming, they say, "I'm not sorry for my decision and I feel strong."  "I know that I'm doing the right thing."

Totally agree with you! One good reason for immediately going to buy your cake elsewhere! Also, one good reason for us all not to buy anything else from Ms. Fleming's establishment. If this kind of people want to live by their own formulated perfect laws, let them, and don't go anywhere near them, don't do business with them. This too I call do the right thing.

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