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PA: Priest Who Officiated Gay Son's Wedding Found Guilty By Methodists Jury

Rev. Frank Schaefer, the Pennsylvania United Methodists priest who was on trial for helping his son marry, was found guilty by a jury of Methodists on Monday. His punishment (likely consisting of being defrocked) is the topic of discussion by the same jury today. 

UMC Connections reports:

The Rev. Frank Schaefer faces another long day as a jury of ordained United Methodists decides on his penalty after finding him guilty of breaking church law by officiating at the same-sex marriage of his son in 2007.

The second day of testimony began with the Rev. Christoper Fisher, counsel for the church, telling jurors they would hear from witnesses including members of Schaefer’s church and the district superintendent in charge of Schafer’s church.

Both counsels plan to present witnesses who will also will give expert thoughts on what kind of penalty he should face.

Bishop Alfred Gwinn, presiding officer, said jurors will have to decide what happens after Schaefer’s guilty verdict. The penalty can range from termination of his conference membership and revoking his ordination credentials to suspension for a period of time.

Rev. Shaefer officiated the wedding of his son and his son's partner in 2007. 



I was born in that small town in Pennsylvania. Although i never lived there i visited  my grandparents there and was baptized there.  It's always been an economically depressed town with old fashioned values. This pastor is a hero for standing up for what he knows in his heart is right and may be an ice breaker for small, backwards communities like Lebanon, Pennsylvania to begin to see the light. I wish him well.

So much for supporting religious freedom. Oh right, that only applies to the anti-gay religious-reich only. Except it doesn't.

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