PA School Board Refuses To Allow Trans Student To Run For Homecoming King

In stark contrast to Cassidy Lynn Campbell's landmark Homecoming win in California last weekend, a western Pennsylvania school board has decided that a trans student will not be allowed to compete for Homecoming King. 

Yahoo! News reports:

The Richland School Board didn't rule on Kasey Caron's request Monday night, but simply let stand an earlier decision by school administrators, which leaves the 17-year-old senior on the ballot for homecoming queen.

"No formal action is required due to the board agreeing with the previous decision of the administration," board Solicitor Timothy Leventry said, reading from a statement.

The student's mother, Kathy Caron, said she was disappointed by the board's action.

"My heart sunk a little," Kasey said.

Kasey's driver's license has been switched from female to male, but Leventry has previously said that Pennsylvania law requires a person born female to have a physician certify a sex-change operation and have the birth certificate changed to legally be considered male.

Kasey's mother also asked for three other trans considerations from the school board, including: the formation of a LGBT-straight alliance; trans protections from bullying in the school charter; approval for Kasey to wear the male uniform at graduation. The school board has not revealed its decisions on those items though it says it has taken them into consideration.