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Pamela Anderson Chops Off Her Iconic Blonde Locks--Check Out Her New Look!

Hmm...two Pamela Anderson posts in one day?? We're as surprised as you are. Though we're still recovering from the shock of seeing Matt Lauer don Pam Anderson-Baywatch drag on Today, we thrown for an even bigger loop when we caught a glimpse of the iconic blonde bombshell's new look! 

Yep. The Baywatch blonde has chopped off her renowned blonde locks! (And yes, we know the carpet's never matched the drapes.)

It's a DRASTIC change, but we think it's cute. Very Mia Farrow. Or Michelle Williams if we're going for more current references.

What do you think of her new pixie cut?? Heart it or hate it??


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it's actually refreshing.  

I kind of love it.  

 yes please.... hide behind those dark glasses!!!!

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