Papenberg Underwear Showcases Hairy Men In The 'Woods' In Latest Promo

Papenberg Underwear has released its serenely artistic video, "Woods" promoting its latest line. Appreciate the artistry (and the nearly naked men in the woods)!

We guess bears and cubs do live in the woods! 


(H/T: Accidental Bear)


Instinct must be hard up for articles or something. This was a total waste of time. And boring. I almost fell asleep during this stupid ad of not-hot men in pitiful looking underwear.

These stupid underwear look like diapers. I wouldn't be caught dead in them! Who would wear underwear made out of paper bags anyway? Gross!

they all look as if they need a bath and certainly the use of a razor. Pass on all

Very nice!! Makes me want 2 go hiking. Wish they would've shown the nuts and berries tho.

I liked it. A lot better than what I see around my house. Just sayen...

I liked it too.  

Now, if I can just figure out how to get those briefs down around their ankles, I'll be happy.  : P  

Great Videos - Need to know more about the brand of mens underwear

Going to gooogle :-)

I guess bears do shit in the woods! What a joke!!

I guess now any man with a beard is called a Bear or a Cub? In my opinion, none of these guys can be classified as either. There was only one model with any body hair, and very little at that, none of them were hairy, burly, meaty or even very muscular to be BEARS and all of them were too old to be considered Cubs.  It was nice to see attractive men in just underwear but nothing about this made me want to run out and buy a pair of average looking undies and it kinda left me with an overall creepy feeling. I did, however, think that when the model squatted towards the end we were going to get the answer of that age old question, "Does a bear sh*t in the woods?" We didn't even get that!  It might as well have been a commercial for butter.  If you want me to buy your underwear, show me something that will make me feel like a real man wearing them.  Show me real men, with bulges in they're pants, and make me believe my crotch and ass will be the best thing ever when I wear them.  Not a bunch of pixies moving around looking scared in dirty water.  But that's just my opinion.

Really ? Someone paid to have this produced? Why ?

A bit dramatic for some tighty-whiteys... Like the concept... Not executed very though... 

the men are pretty good looking and attractive, but besides that, the promo SUCKS

I think it's refreshing to see more variety in shapes and sizes in an underwear campaign. Not sure what's the problem here. Could we stop with the narrow-minded labeling and categorizing? We are not in high school. Non of these models looked unhealthy or morbidly obese to me. They are handsome, normal looking men wearing nice underwear.

People really think more robustly built men should not appear in advertising? I found this this video enjoyable and good effort in building a unique brand from a small budget.

It could have been great, but instead it was a complete waste of two minutes. What exactly was great about it?

Only one hairy chest.

i agree not worth two minutes of my time i will never get it back that sucked

Why must we continue to suffer through horrible vids on here!

This was not worth two minutes of my time.

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