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Paramedic Accused Of Raping Women Claims: 'I Don't Want To Be Gay'

​​Well this is a terrifying. A paramedic is accused of raping and assaulting multiple women after gaining their trust by making them believe he was gay. According to at least one of his victims the accused assailant Christopher Bridger "explained" his rape by saying he did it because he didn't want to be gay--as if gay self-loathing logically precludes sexual assault. 

The Daily Mail reports

A paramedic told a female student he is alleged to have raped he 'didn't want to be gay' moments after he attacked her, a court today heard.

Christopher Bridger is accused of raping one student and fondling four others after gaining their trust by telling them he was homosexual.

It is alleged he carried out two of the attacks while he studied at St George's University Hospital in London and the other three were while he worked for South East Coast Ambulance Service.

Today in court, one woman told how the 25-year-old said he 'just wanted to fancy girls' after he had raped her in his student bedroom.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said Bridger started crying after he had carried out the attack.

'I asked him why he was crying,' she said in her video interview played to the jury.

'He said he was sorry. He doesn't want to be gay.

'His family won't accept he's gay and he just wanted to fancy girls.'

Bridger, of Stevenage, Hertfordshire, denies one count of rape, two of assault by penetration, three of sexual assault and one of causing a person to engage in a sexual activity without consent, between September 2009 and October 2012.

The Daily Mail goes on to detail various other sexual assaults against women allegedly perpetrated by Bridger as far back as 2008.

Caroline Carberry, prosecuting, told the jury at Guildford Crown Court: 'Christopher Bridger is a sexual predator and confidence trickster who used the cover or ruse of pretending to be gay in order to befriend and become close to, and then take advantage of young female friends and colleagues when they were at their most vulnerable.'

We all know the relationship between gay men and our female friends are sacred. How disturbing to see someone actively taking advantage of that level of trust to attack someone at their most vulnerable. 

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I've known him since he was a little boy and Chris has been out as gay for many many years. I can't comment on the allegations however he was definitely not pretending to be gay; he is and was gay. 

It's just a matter of time before you queers get put back in the closet where you belong. Or better yet, an island. Then we heteros can sit back and watch you all self-implode. 

Get ready you stupid cum sucker, because we're coming. We're coming hard and we're coming for you! You stupid idiot hetero cock riders and your self- loathing ideas are a thing of the past. You and your ignorant fellow heteros have held us down long enough. You're just pissed because we're fighting back AND WINNING!!! This is our world now, we only allow you to breathe in it. We're putting you where YOU belong, beneath us. Maybe you should find an island somewhere, Might be the only place you'll be safe from our EXPLOSION!!!

Those worthless cunts probably enjoyed it!

Women have become too big for their pants in recent decades with this womens lib garbage. Only a matter of time before they are put back down were they belong.

Well, there is just nothing people won't blame us for, is there?

I'm a female, and I have had gay guys want to have sex with me. I chalked it up to "that's a male for you, if they're horney enough they'll put that thing anywhere" So, obviously not all gay men find sex with a woman repulsive. 

I bet your a typical fat fag hag who is so desperate for dick that she is constantly attempting sex with gays.

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Not everyones a gold star gay guys, I still find certain woman sexually attractive. No I'm not confused/bisexual. But saying just because you're gay means you wouldn't touch a woman isn't strictly true.

On another note what he's doing (or done) is wrong. However if he really is gay and also has a mental condition I do sympathize. He needs help. That being said if he's lying, may he rot in prison.

Being gay, even if your family disapproves, is infinitely better than committing an act of sexual violence against anyone.

Its an excuse obviously. He's not gay! If he were he would find sex with the opposite sex to be revolting, just as a gay man truley does. Sicko making a bad name!

God knows how many times this has happened before, because men are too coward to come out to their family. Sickening. 

He's not gay. He wouldn't even want to touch a female sexualy if he were. Just an excuse.

I completely agree!! This is disgusting!!! 

Disgusting human being!

What a f****** prick! 

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