Park Goers Pranked By Spooky "Ripping People In Half" Trick

A crazy clip from Criss Angel's new Spike TV show is going viral just in time for Halloween. Like that clever marketing prank for the Carrie film, this clip nearly sends innocent bystanders into heart attacks through a mastery of illusion (and good actors). Still, it's an entertaining few minutes that sets a spooky tone for the holiday. Post production effects and crafty editing were NOT used in this trick/prank:


How do you think Criss and crew pulled apart two willing participants in broad daylight before giving them a Frankenstein-esque switcharoo? 

If you would rather not spend 10 minutes on YouTube slowing down the frames like I just did, here's a handy "revealed" video based on a similar trick Criss performed a few years ago to spoil the illusion: