This is the Pastor from Arkansas' Second Major Offense

It’s true that old habits die and for 67-year-old pastor Timothy Lee Reddin, it seems like it’s damn near impossible. Late last week, the pastor from Turner Street Baptist Church in Springdale, Arkansas was arrested after trying to coerce and entice a minor into meeting him for sex reports KFSM News.

The incident occurred in July when Reddin contacted someone who he thought was a 14-year-old boy. Reddin mentioned to the boy that he would “coach” him on performing oral sex and that he was a “gentle guy”. He also sent four images of his penis and one picture of his butt according to Homeland Security report.

According to, on his profile Reddin described himself as a 62-year-old white male, 6’1”, 215 pounds and married. His profile also read:

I just wanna have fun...I like younger guys. But hell, at my age that's just about everybody! Discreet, intelligent, witty, professional guy. Love to meet new friends. Especially naked ones.

But for Reddin, the arrest might have been a little bit of déjà vu as he was previously arrested for possessing child pornography in 2000. Reddin served 27 months in prison and had to register as a sex offender. During his trial in 2000 Reddin shared that he suffered from trauma from being sexually abused as a child by his brother’s friend.

Reddin was also a part-time teacher at Ecclesia College a Christian college in Springdale. He was also chaplain for Singing Men of Arkansas.

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Give him 5 more years for lying about his age.......

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