Pastor Claims Gay People Are 'Targeting Evangelicals' To Bake Their Wedding Cakes

Pastor Greg Locke rants about "homosexual cake baking nonsense" in a new video shared to Facebook.

Locke, who is a preacher at the Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee says:

“The LGBTABCDEFG, whatever the foolish acronym is at this particular point, they’ve gone overboard! They have fake outrage, selective drama...

Btw, "Fake Outrage and Selective Drama" would make a great album title, no? 

"And why don’t they get up and try that nonsense at a Muslim bakery? See if they get their tails thrown out in the street, and see what happens then.

"They wouldn't be suing them. No, this is an absolute, positive is a target on evangelicals with actual convictions."

Dude, we're not seeking out evangelicals. We just want our cake!

He continues:

“I don’t really give the flip of a wooden nickel who you have sex with. I don’t care about your super perverted sex life!"

What he IS sick of, is homosexuals pushing their agenda.

"I do care when every sitcom, every late night talk show host, every comedian, every song, every movie coming out, has to push push push push push, the agenda. We're sick of you pushing the agenda."

Then suddenly, after a minute and a half of ranting, Locke tries to reassure viewers:

"Look, If a homosexual were drowning, I would save them. If a homosexual was in a home or a car that’s on fire, I would save them. I would feed them, clothe them, nourish them..."

But bake them a cake? That's clearly going too far!


H/T: Queerty