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Pastor Who "De-Gayed" Boys With Sex Will Serve No Prison Time

We were all horrified and dumbfounded yesterday when Iowa youth pastor Brent Girouex confessed to having sex with boys to supposedly rid them of their sexual urges. Girouex was charged with 60 counts of sexual exploitation. 

Now it turns out, he'll serve no prison time. 

KCCI News reports:

Girouex pleaded guilty to sexual abuse in the third degree. He also entered an Alford plea on two counts of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist, admitting prosecutors had enough evidence to find him guilty. One charge is a felony, and the other is a misdemeanor.

A judge issued a 17-year prison sentence Wednesday, but then suspended it to allow Girouex to get sex offender treatment and probation. Girouex's probation will last five years -- the maximum allowed by law.

Girouex will also be under the supervision of the Iowa Department of Corrections for the rest of his life, as part of the state's special sentence for sex offenders,

Erin Girouex, the pastor's wife, said Thursday probation is not enough. She joined the victims to say they are frustrated. She also said victims of sexual misconduct should not be afraid to come forward, despite what happened in court.


Outrageous. How does the court even rationalize this?? Thoughts on this sentencing, Instincters?


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I am absolutely incredulous. This is crap he can get sex offender treatment in prison or after he serves his time. Blatant biased sentence from a judge that doesn't like homosexuality. The judge needs to lose his chair. Priests used these excuses for year and got away with it. Now the Protestant churches are doing the same because they fear a person sexual orientation. Christians that use the Bible as an excuse to sexually molest (rape) children represent the most insidious form of evil. Who do children trust more in a Protestant/ Baptist Church than the Youth Minister/Pastor. NO ONE! He's a predator of the 1st degree. If he lives in my town he better watch out with the gang activity here he may not make it 5 years to finish probation. 

Is it because he is not Catholic that he gets away with it? I hope the kids get together and sue this son of a bitch.

Wow that is just disgusting. He and the judge need to be given prison time for supremely horrible judgment. This is just wrong on so many levels.

if he went to prison he could continue his practise with the inmates, fitting i think

How disgusting.  That is so chicken shit of the judge. He could have gotten the treatment in prison.

Unbelievable. I can't the logic at all. Why not send him to prison and make him attend counseling in the prison? That would make more sense to me.

What is up with that? First you cant de-gay anyone. This man is a sexual predator and needs to serve time, what kind of Judge lets some one that abuses children walk away with probation? Iowa needs to get this Judge knocked off the stand.

And they don't want the public to take the law into their own hands and this is what happens? *shaking my head in disgust*

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