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Pat Robertson: I Am Not A Homophobe

You've hurt Pat Robertson's feelings, y'all.

All that time spent linking his raw bigotry (gays cause natural disasters; gays are pedophiles; gays will bring on the destruction of civilization) to, well, raw bigotry has saddened the evangelical blowhard and made him the victim.      




This guy is a joke!  Why do we, or anybody, pay any attention to him?

In other words, You can change! You can change! You can change... unless you are damaged. Oh and he isn't a homophobe because he has thousands and thousands of gay viewers. Yeah right. If he really wants to follow the Bible, he should be pushing for multiple wives who are treated like property, or hell, why not just screw the servants?

We're "THESE people"? What a douche!

Yes you are.

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