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Pat Robertson: Jesus Would Not Have Baked A Gay Couple A Wedding Cake

Pat Robertson's latest incoherent ramblings is quite entertaining. Watch as Pat works up a sweat attempting to jump through logistical hoops to explain why he thinks Jesus would not have baked a gay couple a wedding cake. 





Guess he musta talked to

Christ face to

face in the bakery. 

It was actually really normal for men to sleep with men when Jesus was around. It actually even was when they wrote the fucking book about 400 years later ... So I am not sure where he went to school, but at least the history lessons sucked big time there !!

Pat. Just piss off u homophobic prick. God loves everyone.

/// God loves everyone ///

No He doesn't.

Due to the distortion created around the one now called "Jesus of Nazareth" is sad that anyone on this planet would believe they have a clue regarding what Jesus would, or would not do;

Why does anybody pay attention to anything that this mentally-impaired person comes up with. He should be totally ignored.

Greetings Dick Z... By design, religious indoctrination is a programming which prevents ones such as Mr Robertson from reality;  

Agreed!  But, I cannot understand why he is given space to prove this.

Jesus also would not have headed a billion dollar religious empire, making money off of the donations of the "sheep" whom he is supposed to shepherd either.   (This asshole and those like him irritate me mightily: hypocrites of the very first water.)

He was a carpenter, he'd have made the banquet table!

Same stuff they said about women's rights, same thing they said about black rights, maybe next week it will be all blondes are evil.

He's ready lord, hes ready! 

Amen.   Take him now, please.

Yes he is!

He Is worried about having more kids when this planet is pushing 7 billion a d limited resorces. And as far as jesus. He hung around outcast like gamblers and prostitues. So I think lgbt wld also b there w him. Stfu Pat

Yes. Gays would have been stoned to death 2000 years ago. Does that help rationalize your bigotry and stupidity, Patty?  Gays would have been killed. Just like, oh I dunno... Jesus who was hung on a cross. 

He would have built them the bed to lady in instead 

Of course he wouldn't have.. he's a carpenter not a baker, duh Pat!

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