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Pat Sajak Shocks Twitter With Revelation About His Sexuality

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak started quite the conversation on Twitter over the weekend when he made a surprise revelation about his sexual orientation. 

“Damn the career consequences! I’m hereby proclaiming my heterosexuality!” Sajak Tweeted. 

The joke from Sajak, one of Hollywood's handful of rare conservative activists, belittling the courageous coming out process of high profile personalities drew appropriately outrageous reactions from the Twitterverse:

​What do you think of Sajak's "joke"?

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Can't belive this qualifies as news

I THINK he thought it was funny--but it wasn't. It was just stupid. But offensive? No.

A non-issue. This is certainly not disrespectful towards anyone. 

Thank god I dont watch that much TV anymore.  All these stupid so called personalities making asses of themselves.  There is more interesting things to do in life than "hero worship" these Ordinary People who just happen to be self centered and full of money and other stuff!

weird, he doesn't look straight, I guess maybe we're all just people.  Such a tool lol

that's great, we're glad he's came out, as hetro, we don't want him to be homo, that would just suck and not in a good way!

i think this is belittling and making fun of those celebrities who are actually brave enough to actualy come out of the closet, being gay, no matter the consequences!

I think it was a jerk, dumb-ass thing to do and say!  Just my opinion!!!

Well, I have to admit I was shocked.  And still dubious.

Heterosexuals don't need to come out because they were never beaten into a dark, lonely closet! They aren't fired for being str8! They aren't disowned by their families! They don't have millions of religious idiots bashing them every day on radio and television! They don't have conservative nuts bashing their brains out while walking home from a gay bar! He's a typical selfish conservative!

Well said Nick.  Nothing annoys me more than the Christian right saying they are "under attack" by homosexuals because we "force our views on them."  Uh, no.  We simply want EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW.  No gay person tells a Christian NOT to beleive in God or NOT to go to church.  But Christians DO tell gay people they are abominations and that they deserve to die.  Who's attacking who here?

Pat Sajak cracked what he thought was a joke. He obviously offended some peeps,but that's what happens when u r n tv. Some people get offended. Others get upset,and some just don't give a s. It's not his fault u can't handle his sense of humor. Weither 1 comes out or not is up to u. I came out and paid dearly 4 it because of how I came out. On here on Facebook like an idiot. The past is the past. Leave the man alone. Seriously. 

Why get mad?  This is funny stuff!

That's the problem--it's a tired old joke. If his tweet were hilarious, a lot of us wouldn't have given it a second thought.


No, the right wing nutjobs care - like Pat Sajak.  And the reason coming out matters is because the more that bigots realize that gay people are out there, and not going away, the sooner that gay people can be considered worthy of equal rights, such as marriage.

I wasn't offended . . . I have always thought he was a dipshit and this has nothing to do with that.

I Agree with Charlie- it's merely a light-hearted rib and actually kinda funny. Let's not get too offended  for no reason. Beside humor is often about mockery; it's the natur eof our culture.

lighten up people if we can come out why cant a straight person  come out one is good for us is good foor them wtg pat sajak gay people seem to be the most hateful but want everything to go there way and yes im GAY

Just as well as far as I'm concerned. Go get him girls! Ha. 

This is the reason why conservatives suck at humor. It isn't particularly funny, and at heart it's a mean little "joke". There's no mistaking the genuine exasperation at the heart of it. Screw you, Pat.

Lighten up.  If you can take a dick, you can take a joke. 

I think you all are taking this a bit too far. I am a gay man and I was not offended.

People can't make a harmless joke anymore without getting someone's panties in a twist.

It was a joke, that is all. Don't get so upset over a little wisecrack.

People would be so much happier if they would just assume that people are genuinely good rather than always taking things the wrong way. There was no underlying meaning in this statement. He was just joking people. Lighten up! 

I think it was careless and stupid. Although funny to most heterosexuals, it is completely demeaning to those who have risked damaging their careers by coming out against homophobia in the workplace. Not everything is funny Mr. Sajak. It's always funny when it's not being aimed at you. A little humility and understanding would have been more appropriate.

What an ass. I've often said that Vanna should have decked him years ago.

It's OK - you can pray the hetero away.

The sad thing is, his sexuality wouldn't effect his career... but being anything other than hetero might in this day and age

There are no career consequences for you, Pat. Unless, of course you count the fact that this confirmed your lack of good taste and respect. Tacky doesn't begin to cover it. If you were an ally and had done this as a joke, it would be less disappointing and cruel.

Anyone old enough to have seen his short lived late night talk show knows that the man is, at heart, a douchebag. 

I wish he'd proclaimed his White Pride instead of his heterosexuality-- that might have been enough to get him off the air...

That's the trouble with Twitter.   What you think in your mind is a clever thing to post may blow up in your face when you see it posted in print.  And then it's too late to take it back.

Who is Sajak? :) But seriously, no one cares!!

Tasteless of such manner. Although his joke was harmeless, mocking one's coming out process is never cool.

Sorry but I think it's funny 

Stupid but harmless. 

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