Patrick Schwarzenegger Scares Naked Uncle Anthony Shriver

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Patrick Schwarzenegger, son to Arnold Schwarzegger and mom Maria Shriver, scared the clothes off of his (kinda) studly uncle Anthony Shriver. 

Shriver was in the process of washing his dog outside in the buff--like ya do--when Patrick decided to scare the crap out of him and post the ensuing results on Instagram.

Watch! (NSFW-ish)

Quite the prankster, Patrick!


(H/T: NNNext)



Has no one ever showered with their dog?
When I give my dogs a shower, I just shower with them. It's really not a big deal that he was naked, he just didn't want to get his clothes wet. 

ok, this video is all types of wrong, haha!  i wish my uncle showered naked around me, but none of my uncles are as hot!  but really, a nice intimate shower with the dog?  wtf?!?

Aaron, I wash my dogs naked too, but Anthony and I both live in Miami, Florida...

And hey, at 49, Anthony is looking amazing, oh... and having hung out with him in the past, he is totally a Shriver, but has a healthy dose of his Mom's genes!

Anthony definitely looks more Kennedy than Shriver. Must be in his genes to get caught naked in an awkward situation, but usually the Kennedy man is the dog and the one being showered is someone other than his wife!

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Y is he naked with the dog???

The wrong guy was naked. 

That's Arnold son. WTF. Hate his dad but is fuck that beauty in a heartbeat 


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