Patti LaBelle Pulls The Diva Card During Oprah Interview

Patti LaBelle was not going to let lifelong competitor Tina Turner out-diva her vivid range of eccentric emotions during an Oprah interview. What results is a glorious, popcorn-worthy piece of video that checks off all the boxes in the "Are you an aging diva who doesn't give a damn" checklist we LIVE for. 

During the short interview in which Patti literally had nothing to promote, she:

  • Reveals what she tells fans who ask her to say hi on their phones: I'm not speaking on your instrument."
  • Talks about her son being her manager: "Oh, that's awful."
  • Her decision to not get a cell phone: "Homie don't play that."
  • And much, much more. 

Before you worry that Tina's recent OWN interview still might outrank Patti's delicious chat, worry not: she manages to pull out a quick cry before the cameras stop rolling. Oh, and she explicitly calls Tina out in the interview, too. DYING. 

Here's hoping the current crop of self-appointed divas will age as entertainingly as these icons.

Check out Gawker's mash-up of the highlights from Sunday night's broadcast:

(Image and video from: Gawker)